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Easing Into a Healthy Spring

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We’re doing Extreme Spring Cleaning at my house this year as we prepare to move out of the home we have lived in for 23 years! (We are renovating.)  Like any big job, we are breaking it down into smaller tasks to keep it manageable and preserve our sanity!  It’s like that with health goals too – it’s difficult to work on everything at the same time and not experience overwhelm.  And some days we’re just able to do more than other days.

A few days ago, while trying to check some packing off my list,  I had to employ a strategy I sometimes use with my coaching clients.  While the ideal is to do the task you dread the most first and just do it for a shorter period of time, the ideal was eluding me that day and doing nothing was calling my name!  When you just can’t get yourself going, try picking something easy that still moves you forward. I picked “pocket books” – a modest undertaking that I was able to knock off quickly.  I don’t have a lot of emotion wrapped up in my handbags and I don’t own very many so separating some for donation and packing the ones I am keeping was a lot easier than facing one of the scary boxes in my basement.

When it comes to changing our diets we often have a lot of resistance.  Food is more than fuel for most of us and there is a lot of emotion wrapped up in our food.  Committing to exercising more can also feel like a steep climb.  That doesn’t mean we should just let ourselves off the hook but it helps to have a list of “easy things” that keep us moving toward our health goals.

What helps you move the needle on your health goals while still feeling easy?

To help you ease into a healthy Spring…here are 5 Easy Health Boosters that don’t involve food or exercise!


Ever wonder what to do with fresh turmeric root?  Check out our Golden Latte Recipe Video HERE:

Still have leftover hard-boiled eggs?  Make Green Egg Salad, Sam-I-Am! Recipe Here:



Are you hoping to get into better shape before Memorial Day?

If you live in the Warren, Stirling, Basking Ridge, Gillette, Berkeley Heights, New Providence or Fanwood areas this program will  help you  Jumpstart your healthier Summer!  Easing into Healthy SpringI am offering a 21 Day Jumpstart Group Coaching Program in partnership with Pure Energy Fitness, 223 Stirling Rd, Warren, NJ.

AM Group Coaching Dates:  Friday, May 5th &  Friday, May 19th from 8 – 9 am

PM Group Coaching Dates: Wednesday, May 3rd & Tuesday, May 16th from 7 – 8 pm

The  21 Day Jumpstart Program includes the Balanced and Whole, 21 Day Jumpstart book, 2, 1-hour group coaching classes held at Pure Energy Fitness (attend am or pm), and a private Facebook group where I post information and recipes and answer all questions daily.  You do not have to be a member of Pure Energy Fitness to enroll in the coaching program but for an additional fee you can sign up for 21 days of unlimited classes at Pure Energy where you will receive expert fitness coaching.   If you already have the Balanced and Whole book, you can sign up for the coaching program for a reduced fee – contact me here:

GOT GOOD SLEEP?  Come learn how at the Fanwood Speaker Series!

Join me on Wednesday, May 17th from 6 – 8  for an informative health presentation through the Fanwood Speaker Series where I  will discuss how to maintain less stressful weekday evenings in my presentation, “Bridging the Gap between Work and Home: Better Sleep, Smoother Transitions and Easier Dinners.”


6-6:30 – networking
6:30 – 7:30 – Bridging the Gap Presentation
7:30 – 8 – networking

Add more tools to your well-being toolbox by learning how to cultivate healthier sleep habits, transition smoothly from work to home and simplify dinner prep.

Enjoy refreshments, including hors d’oeuvres and wine. Three  lucky participants will receive a copy of my book, Balanced and Whole, 21 Day Jumpstart program for Weight Loss and Wellness.

In this interactive presentation participants will:

• Learn about the relationship between sleep and circadian rhythms along with practical strategies for improving sleep.
• Learn techniques for transitioning from work to home more smoothly to reduce stress and feel more balanced.
• Implement a sane approach to weekday dinner planning.
• Receive a printed Resource Sheet to help implement new strategies.

Get your ticket here:


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