GOT REAL FOOD ? If you’re trying to eat More Vegetables and Less Sugar ... The Balanced and Whole 21-Day Jumpstart for Wellness and Weight Loss is here to help! LEARN MORE HEALTHY HABITS
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If you’re like I was, you spend most of your time working and/or taking care of others, leaving yourself stretched too thin and struggling with your energy level. By making changes to the foods you eat and adopting healthy strategies you too can radically increase your energy and vitality and acquire the tools for a lifetime of balance and health. If you’re mad enough to finally do something to improve your situation, contact me today!

Daily Record Article

Daily Record Article

Julie gives an introduction to healthy eating habits and an active lifestyle in this article published in the Daily Record on April 27, 2016.

Julie Cohen

Julie G. Cohen

Holistic Health Counselor

I help people who are struggling with the stress and demands of work, family or parenthood to find balance and lead a healthier lifestyle. 

A healthy lifestyle begins with healthy habits. I help individuals and groups build and maintain healthy habits with the right balance of food, exercise and the skills they need to achieve their health and weight loss goals.

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If you need support in creating a life that truly nourishes you, I would love to work with you to create a custom program to help you achieve your health goals.

There are three service packages available:


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Have your muscles gone on vacation? Has your weight been creeping up? Do you want to start eating “cleaner” and exercising regularly but you’re not sure exactly what that means or how to begin?

The Balanced and Whole 21-Day Jumpstart program is here to help. An easy to follow 3-week plan, the 21-Day Jumpstart Program builds your motivation along with your muscles. It puts the right food and exercise all together for you in an easy to follow format so that you can begin to feel and look like your best version of you. Skip the latest fad diet and master the basics of eating whole food…


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