‘Pre-Diabetic’ diagnosis down to normal range in only 3 months


Thank you, Julie, for bringing my prior ‘Pre-Diabetic’ diagnosis down to normal range in only 3 months! Only 3 months! Thank you!

– Patrick Cicala, Mortgage Banker, Westfield, NJ, NJMortgageGuy.com

 I can move forward and make better choices

“Julie’s talents as a nutritionist and life coach seem to be boundless. I’m constantly impressed by her knowledge of current issues in nutrition. Her abilities to listen and give new perspectives on daily life challenges help me to gain insight and feel supported so I can move forward and make better choices. Julie is a blessing to all who get to work with her.”

L.H. – Boonton, NJ

She is SO full of information

“It was such a pleasure to meet with Julie Cohen.  She is SO full of information and it really is a lot of fun to chat with her about nutrition and health.  Plus, she is extremely well-prepared and well-organized! I feel much more confident and energized about reaching my nutrition goals now!”

C.P. – Morristown, NJ

I went back to only eating “whole food”

“I went back to only eating “whole” food, no additives/preservatives, very little sugar (only when out).  I’m using Ghee & Balsamic Vinegar & I’ve lost 8 lbs. in 4 weeks.  You would be proud of me!”

– A.R. Cape Coral, FL.

I think you may have added quality years onto my life

“I think you may have added quality years onto my life, and to the rest of the family as well. I have not had a Gatorade or soda since I saw you. I think consciousness of everything that goes into our bodies is the lesson we learned. The people that have the best bodies inside & out don’t happen by accident, it takes a lot of discipline. Thanks for helping bring more awareness into my life and my family’s as well for a much healthier life style. We all want to stand the test of time, and not go back to the easy way of just putting anything that tastes good into our bodies. We all speak very highly of you around here.”

Mike Andreaggi, First Class Movers Inc., Livingston, NJ www.myfirstclassmovers.com

I know that I will find my balance with Julie’s help

I had chronic fatigue for quite some time. I would muster all of my energy during the week for work and then crash on weekends. It got to the point where I didn’t want to do anything on the weekends. I had been practicing yoga for over 10 years and it was my sacred time; but I did not have the energy nor the desire to take a class anymore. It got so bad that I didn’t even feel like going out with friends. I made an appointment with my primary doctor who took extensive blood work. The good news was that everything was normal but I remember saying to my doctor that I should be happy that nothing is wrong but I am disappointed that we still don’t know the cause of the fatigue. 

I then started looking into nutrition/nutritionists and talked to a few people who had consulted with a nutritionist. The general feeling was that they were disappointed because it was basically like, “Here’s a food pyramid just follow it.” I kept talking to people and asking questions and through word of mouth, I found Mad Nutrition, Julie Cohen. 

Julie truly changed my life and here’s how… 

Julie does not follow a cookie cutter approach. She really takes the time to know her clients from any professional needs/challenges to lifestyle and personal preferences and then makes the appropriate recommendations. 

I signed up for a 3 month program which was a total of 6 meetings. Julie included several easy exercises such as a food log. This helped me understand my habits and gave us a basis to work from. The food log was enlightening in that I thought I was already a relatively healthy eater but I was not as good as I thought. We met every two weeks and reviewed the food log and the recommendations that I committed to trying. If I was not able to incorporate a recommendation due to preference or time, then we would make adjustments. One of the many things that I appreciate about Julie is that there are always alternatives and she doesn’t preach or say “Never eat a cookie or fries, etc”, her advice is to always try to make the best choice based on nutrition and eat less of the bad foods. The recommendations are not hard; you just have to make the commitment to yourself. 

People noticed a difference in me even from early on in the 3 month program. I got comments regarding my skin and that I had a glow, and people even asked me if I had lost weight. I started to feel better and had more energy and as a result, started to exercise again, go out with friends and overall, had a much more positive outlook about life and its possibilities. 

After the 3 month program, I would continue to touch base with Julie about once every 3 months or so. And after a year, I had lost over 10 lbs. The weight loss was an added bonus! I was looking for help with fatigue but I got more than I asked for. I was not dieting, I was eating the right foods and exercising when I could and as a result, my body “healed” itself and lost the extra weight. I had turned 40 around this time and Mad Nutrition was the best gift I could have ever given to myself. I became tuned in to my body and this may sound corny…but I became connected with my mind, body and spirit. After 3 years, I still touch base with Julie every 3 – 4 months. I am going through major life changes personally and professionally but I know that I will find my balance again with Julie’s help. Julie is not only a trusted health and wellness coach but over the years has become a trusted friend.

 A.L. Morristown, NJ

She made an impact not only on our health

As the owner of an operations-driven business, I am always concerned about the health of our employees. We like to foster positive habits in all areas. At the beginning of the year, our employees expressed interest in healthy eating habits. I was thrilled to be able to bring in Julie Cohen, who I know to be a recognized expert. I didn’t just want someone to give a boring lecture on the food pyramid. Julie came in with many eye-opening props, recipes, materials and an insightful presentation. Julie took the time prior to the presentation to survey our staff in order to hone in on their key concerns. Our employees felt this was one of the most valuable presentations we’ve done. We got so excited we even put together a team contest for best vegetable dish. We’ve had an impact not only on their health but on their family’s health. As an employer I can also say this is one of those “perks” that benefits the company with a healthier and happier employee. This was a win-win. We are looking forward to future seminars with Julie!

-Ines Cohron, Total Home Cleaning, Summit, NJ

Her ideas were clearly laid out and attainable

This past December, Julie Cohen of Mad Nutrition, gave a presentation on Holiday Wellness to the Neighborhood Networking Group. NNG is a networking organization of about 30 different businesses, focused on Central New Jersey. Julie’s presentation was educational, enlightening, and entertaining. While sharing ideas on a healthy lifestyle featuring good nutritional choices, she was able to make her audience laugh with stories that illustrated her thoughts. Her ideas, especially during the holiday season, about how to eat well while still enjoying food, as well as tips for healthy activities and exercises, were clearly laid out and made to seem easily accomplishable. The success of her presentation could be seen in the lively discussion that followed, with questions, answers, and anecdotes being traded among the group.

–David Cantor, President, NNG

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