Healthy Habits for Spring that don’t require cooking!

Healthy Habits for Spring

Healthy habits are always a work in progress!  At this point in the pandemic most of us are ready to sample someone else’s cooking for a change!   Here are 3 healthy habits to try this spring and only ONE of them involves any cooking 😊

Healthy Habits for Spring # 1 – Walk barefoot outside

It’s April so even in not-so-warm New Jersey barefoot season is here!  Connecting directly to the earth’s surface is a hugely beneficial practice called, “earthing” or “grounding”.  For me it’s always been something I just love to do.  The earth’s surface is a great source of negative ions which are anti-inflammatory and don’t require you to stand in the kitchen for hours!  To learn more about earthing and grounding check out my newsletter on it here:

Healthy Habits for Spring # 2 – More cold water please

The healing power of cold is nothing new – hence, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” but cold for better health is truly having a moment right now.  Have you read about Wim Hoff who scales mountains in just his shorts?  Even the Wall Street Journal is covering his adventures!

Using the cold water in your own shower is the simplest (and safest!) way to stimulate your brown fat (your METABOLSIM BOOSTING fat). Ending your shower with cold water by  gradually increasing the length of “cold time” is an easy way to dip your toe into the healthy cold movement.  If you’re like my husband, you might take a hard pass on even 30-seconds of cold!  Ten minutes of cold is intense, to say the least,  but there’s a big continuum between 30 seconds and 10 minutes. Working your way up to a couple of minutes is doable – just take it 30 seconds at a time!

Healthy Habits for Spring  # 3 – “Shopping Day Spears”

What’s the perfect vegetable for shopping day dinner?  Asparagus! Asparagus is abundant and abundantly less expensive in the grocery store this month.    Brimming with nutrients, including polyphenols – plant-based nutrients that keep our body and our immune system strong, asparagus brings a lot to the table.  One polyphenol that has enjoyed a lot of press lately is quercetin – also found in apples and onions.  Quercetin helps reduce histamine production and is a zinc ionophore – it helps zinc get into our cells.  Zinc helps  our immune system fight infections.  Asparagus is also one of the yummiest pre-biotic foods there is.  Pre-biotic foods contain inulin, a fiber that helps us maintain a healthy gut biome.  Understanding why you need to eat prebiotic foods is an important piece of the healthy gut puzzle. So, eat your asparagus (your “good bugs” will thank you!)

Get my shopping day asparagus recipe here:

Need some Weight Loss Inspiration?

This month I was asked to participate in an expert roundup on how to lose weight while working at home in quarantine.  As I’ve learned from working with clients for over a decade,  weight loss is never one size fits all!  We each must eat, move our body, and manage stress in the ways that work best for us.  Please check out the many great answers to this question here:


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