5 Easy Health Boosters that don’t involve Food or Exercise!

easy health boosters5 Easy Health Boosters to add to your well being toolbox!

1. Take a Hot Bath!

I’m a huge fan of baths – I add Epsom salts to soothe sore muscles, absorb magnesium trans dermally and aid the body in detoxification. Internal heating isn’t just done through saunas and steam rooms, although those are great too – an old fashioned hot bath works well and it’s easy!

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2. Walk Barefoot Outside

Earth day was April 22nd – connect to “Mother Earth” for negative ions that make you feel great! Earthing or Grounding is simply the practice of being in direct contact with the earth’s surface. There have been numerous health benefits studied in connection to Earthing including pain reduction, reduced inflammation and positive effect on blood sugar, to name a few. If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach this is a no brainer (and we are all jealous!). For the rest of us, depending on the climate and the season, walking barefoot for a half hour daily may be hard. To solve this, there are products that let you reap the benefits of Earthing without being in direct contact with the ground.
Learn more about Earthing & Grounding HERE:
Learn more about products HERE:

3. Use Essential Oils

Essential oils deliver health benefits with a very small investment of time and money. I love a mixture of rosemary and lavender essential oils to help coax sleep and bring feelings of contentment while fighting free radicals at the same time – my idea of a win/win!

And, since tick season is year round in New Jersey, thanks to our mild winter, I use a dilution of rose geranium oil for my dog, Jesse, as extra protection against ticks when hiking or walking in the woods. Note: Rose geranium oil cannot be used on cats or pregnant animals. More information and dilution instructions HERE:

4. Practice Mindfulness

There is a lot of impressive research on mindfulness based stress reduction that shows its ability to positively affect our brain and lower inflammation. It also improves “self-reported” stress markers – in other words, it makes us feel better! I am giving a talk on Better Sleep, Smoother Transitions & Easier Dinner Planning, in Fanwood, NJ on Wednesday, May 17th at 6 pm where I will be covering this research and sharing techniques – signup info:

5. Do a Brain Training Session

 I blogged about brain training in January…in case you missed it (because our website links weren’t working!) check out the benefits:
Brain HQ offers a FREE program called the Daily Spark where you can try one featured brain exercise each day – it’s a great way to see how easy brain training is and it’s FREE!

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