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Balanced and Whole, wellness primer, and Julie Cohen in the news!

I’m excited to share that The Daily Record newspaper featured my book, Balanced and Whole, A 21 Day Jumpstart for Weight Loss and Wellness,  which they dubbed a Wellness Primer, in their Table Section on Wednesday, April 27th. Wellness Primer is very apt because Balanced and Whole includes sound strategies for eating a whole foods diet and moving your body everyday. It’s about getting healthier whether or not your primary goal is to lose weight.

I gave the newspaper two of my favorite sample lunch recipes from the book. There is one recipe  for “Cookers“, Farro Salad,  and one for “Builders“, Chicken lettuce wraps with Peanut Sauce. Both of these healthy recipes take advantage of intentional leftovers, a great lunch time strategy because let’s face it…even us Cookers have other things we need to do!

See the recipes and check out my favorite tips by clicking on the article:

Daily Record 4.28.2016

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