How to keep it Simple for Summer and Beyond

Hello Friends of Mad Nutrition,

Summer is still going strong and the last place anyone wants to be is in the kitchen…the outdoors beckon!  One thing that makes summer stand out (besides how fast it’s over!) is that we have to do a little less of everything that keeps us busy the rest of the year(if we’re lucky!). Having more time makes summer feel more relaxed and keeping our meals simple makes sense. Doing a little batch cooking and using the abundant produce of the season, much of which can be eaten raw, helps you cut down on kitchen time and embrace the simplicity of the season. See my recipe for Tabbouleh Style Quinoa below for a simple summer dinner idea and tips on cooking once and eating twice.
Simple summer rituals also make summer feel special.
Some people spend time in May or June planning their summer “must dos” and others, not so much. Whichever category you fit into, this is a good time to check in with yourself and see if you’ve hit everything on your summer list. For me, the simple things …going to the farmer’s market, eating outside, spending more time with family and walking barefoot on the grass are what I love the most about summer.
Summer can also inspire us to re-commit to healthy habits. Spending a lot of time outdoors, for example, results in us sleeping better and feeling better. Yet, come fall, many of us are back inside all day. Carving out some time, to take a long walk or exercise outdoors goes a long way towards improving our physical and mental health. Think about ways to extend your outdoor time as the days get shorter – can you use your bike as transportation or get up earlier to take a long walk?
In the summer, it’s often easier to say, “no” to invitations since many people take vacation in the summer and hosts expect lower attendance…consider treating every invite you receive like a “summer invite” and be more discriminating about how you spend your free time.
We’re not able to hold onto all of our beloved summer routines when our busy fall schedules resume but it’s worth examining which ones we can continue with a little more thought and effort…the payoff is worth it!
Wishing you an abundance of simple summer pleasures!

Tabbouleh Style Quinoa Recipe




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