Real Dads Eat Salad

Hello Friends of Mad Nutrition,

This month, both Father’s Day and the first day of summer fall on June 21st. All the recipes for Dads seem to involve chicken wings and a whiskey based barbeque sauce! Those are tasty but to me the most wonderful thing about June is that the lettuce is so abundant and the strawberries (have you gone to a “U Pick” yet?) are perfectly sweet. So, whether or not you’re grilling something to celebrate the day, make your salad a celebration too! – see recipe for “Salad Celebration” below.

I’m also celebrating the upcoming release of my book, “Balanced and Whole, 21-Day Jumpstart Program for Weight Loss and Wellness”.  Why did I write the book?  In helping my clients to lose weight while gaining greater well-being I’ve noticed that although one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to food,  there is a great deal of overlap in both the challenges my clients face and the strategies that help them the most. My desire to share this information is what propelled me to write my little book…that and the fact that the paleo people have really been making me Mad!

The herd mentality is big in the diet and nutrition world. You can eat well while following any of the “philosophies” out there but people tend to follow the herd and gravitate toward the latest fad diet.  However, long term health gains are accomplished by sticking to the basics of eating whole foods and cultivating sensible eating habits – not by demonizing any particular food group!

 For Balanced and Whole, I teamed up with trainer, Bill McHugh, to provide a structured, easy to follow start up plan for both eating whole foods and exercising. It’s a “How To” guide that provides food basics, including sample meals and recipes and teaches you how to tune in and listen to your body. It also includes an exercise plan with clear instructions and illustrations. To learn more about the book, check out our website

 It’s great to be back in touch and I welcome your comments and feedback!

Warm wishes for a memorable day with the special Dads in your life and, to the awesome Dads receiving this – Hat’s off to you for all you do!

Celebration Salad Recipe



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