Mother’s Day May Newsletter

Mother's Day May Newsletter

Mother’s Day is almost here…don’t forget to tell Mom that she’s the apple of your eye!

As Mother’s Day approaches our hearts fill with gratitude for all the strong women who have supported us on our journey and shaped us into who we are today – our moms, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, coaches, scout leaders, mentors, colleagues, friends, team mates…and the list goes on.  We will probably remember to call, text,  send a card, post to social media, give them a hug or send them some love energy with our thoughts.

If you’re a mom, remember to send yourself some gratitude too! 

Directing gratitude inward is a good practice to cultivate.   Take advantage of Mother’s Day to give this a try by hitting the pause button.  Perhaps while you’re in the shower, a quiet spot outdoors, or your favorite comfy chair you can take a few moments to let your heart fill with gratitude for you?  If it makes it easier to think about the things you love about yourself, that wouldn’t hurt either – you (moms) seem to be good at recognizing the awesome in everyone…but YOU!!!

Wishing you a Mother’s Day as awesome as you are : )


Food Focus:   Mother’s Day Dessert


Many blogs purport to know what Moms really want for Mother’s Day!  I am a Mom and I work with moms and I can’t point to any one thing that all Moms want, besides good health for their families…except for maybe a day (or a few hours) off from figuring out who needs to eat what and when!  Moms are often the ones charged with coming up with the meal plan – even if it doesn’t involve them having to prepare it.  Wouldn’t it be a luxury to get some time off from this decision making and just show up?  “Just showing up” is a novelty for Moms!







For a simple yet delicious dessert that rises to the occasion (no baking required) make her THIS – because nothing says “I love you” like a red, ripe strawberry : )





If you live or work near the Fanwood area, come learn how at the Fanwood Speaker Series!


Join me on Wednesday, May 17th from 6 – 8  for an informative health presentation through the Fanwood Speaker Series where I  will discuss how to maintain less stressful weekday evenings in my presentation, “Bridging the Gap between Work and Home: Better Sleep, Smoother Transitions and Easier Dinners.”  This event is open to the public – you don’t have to be a Chamber of Commerce member to attend.


6-6:30 – networking
6:30 – 7:30 – Bridging the Gap Presentation
7:30 – 8 – networking

Add more tools to your well-being toolbox by learning how to cultivate healthier sleep habits, transition smoothly from work to home and simplify dinner prep.

Enjoy refreshments, including hors d’oeuvres and wine and door prizes…Three  lucky participants will receive a copy of my book, Balanced and Whole, 21 Day Jumpstart program for Weight Loss and Wellness.

In this interactive presentation participants will:

• Learn about the relationship between sleep and circadian rhythms along with practical strategies for improving sleep.
• Learn techniques for transitioning from work to home more smoothly to reduce stress and feel more balanced.
• Implement a sane approach to weekday dinner planning.
• Receive a printed Resource Sheet to help implement new strategies.

Get your ticket here:


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