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September is for transitioning…I just launched my youngest child to college – a big transition for sure! The other day I asked my daughter how she was doing with the food. She reported that she has plenty of “good stuff” in her room…oatmeal, nuts, almond butter…but how she summarized her new food life is what caught my attention. She said, “I’m not eating enough living foods…I really miss vegetables…there just isn’t enough moisture!”

Her comments reminded me of a great piece from More Magazine that one of my clients shared with me…they asked a French woman and an American woman to switch their diets for two weeks, all the while keeping a “food diary”. Spoiler alert: The French Woman missed her whole foods! See a link to the full article below.

Although my diet is more similar to the French woman, a lot of time spent cooking with nary a visit to MacDonald’s, my lifestyle is distinctly American – I’m on the go, a lot. Most of us are. I rely mostly on whole foods but I’m not a purist. In my fridge I have a wonderful green powder that I mix into smoothies, some vegan protein powder that comes in handy every now and then and even some packaged food “bars”. Although you can get the “right” macronutrient proportions in a packaged food bar, it just doesn’t make you feel the same way you feel after eating whole foods…there isn’t enough moisture!

My daughter’s answer inspired me to develop more whole food snack recipes for those times when you need more than a piece of fruit. Real foods that are easy to eat on the go and come complete with moisture…just add your time and effort then reap your rewards as others suffer through packaged energy bars!

Check out my Snack Project, Round One Recipe Here: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Bars

You don’t have to be a zealot. Opt for whole foods as much as possible but don’t stress when you have to use the quicker alternatives on occasion. It’s a BALANCE thing. Speaking of Balance, my book, “Balanced and Whole” is available now! Click here to purchase a copy!
I’m very excited to share it with you! If you find it helpful, please share the book with your communities.

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Here’s to a moister month!

Click here to read the full More Magazine article

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