Engage your family with gratitude this Thanksgiving

HappyFamily2“Engaged” is a buzz word these days – at work, our place of worship and even from our favorite non-profits we’re beckoned to become more engaged with everything from customer service to saving the whales.  And it makes sense.  But how much engagement do we have in our own celebrations?  Have you tried anything new at your house lately?

One week prior to our family’s Thanksgiving someone receives the “Gobble Call” – actually a Gobble Text except for some in our tribe who are over 80 and under 10.  The call consists of simply, “Gobble, Gobble, Gobble”…our code that the recipient has been assigned the task of giving thanks before our holiday meal.  This call is dreaded by some in our family who loathe public speaking!  Still, everyone rises to the occasion.  In our family we have different faiths and many different styles vis-á-vis spirituality and we don’t discriminate based on age – we’ve heard from the very young, the more mature and everyone in between!   I do most of the cooking for our feast but this part of it feeds me in a different way.  It gives us a fresh new perspective every year even though we’re gathering in the same space and eating the same foods.

Thank you to Harriett Linder for sharing with me that in her family they jot down what they are thankful for on index cards, throw the cards into a “hat” and then take turns reading the cards out loud and trying to guess the author.

There are infinite ways to engage in the holiday and make it your own…are you game to try a new one this year?

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