May your Holiday Be Bright, Be Brief and Be Gone!

 Holiday GIGM Chicken I recently attended a Board Retreat for my favorite non-profit (learn about it here) and one of our board members shared that his staff coined his core values for him: “Be bright, be brief and be gone!” Brilliant! This is exactly how I would describe the perfect holiday – emphasis on GONE!
I get super cranky the week after a holiday and sometimes the week after the week after a holiday! Why? Reading client food logs after a holiday is painful! Leftover chocolate Easter eggs, those yellow marshmallows, peeps, you get the idea. The holidays (whether it’s Easter or Halloween) are like the bear scene in the movie Revenant…I wanted the bear to eat me so I didn’t have to watch it eat Leonardo DiCaprio any longer!! Your holidays should end a la Travolta in Pulp Fiction.
A 30-something Dad told me he is putting tiny Thomas the Tank trains in his son’s Easter Eggs – Brilliant! If you must indulge in sugar overload on your holiday it’s OK – except for the peeps – just glue them onto something as a decoration because I’m fairly certain that those don’t contain any actual food! But the holiday is ONE DAY!
I was raised to believe that wasting food is a super bad thing to do, you know, the “S” word. If you believe that too I’m here to assure you that throwing out junk food doesn’t count! Loosely speaking it’s not really food anyway. If you know people who are in need of food bring them a tray of roasted beets – the last thing they NEED is junk food! So please, don’t bring it to the office, don’t send it to school, and don’t put it in a bowl on the counter top – just throw it out!

-Happy Holiday!   Scrooge Bunny signing off…

holiday scrooge bunny

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