Take a Leap this Spring!

leap newsletter Jesse julieLeap and the net will appear

– John Burroughs

There is never a good time to leap – we have to dive in and have faith that it will end well. After losing our beloved 12 year-old dog in December we just took the puppy leap. Unless you consider sleep and a “normal” schedule mere luxury it is never the “right time” to get a puppy!
Is there something you’ve been waiting to do until the right time?
Planning is necessary to optimize the success of any undertaking but sometimes we have to push ourselves over the edge to get forward movement. Committing to anything requires a lot of work at the beginning. Since March is National Nutrition month, let’s take eating more vegetables as an example. You have to commit to buying them – try one new seasonal veggie each week. You also have to commit to preparing and eating them. Unlike a puppy your vegetables will not bark at you when they’re going bad in the back of the fridge…they’ll just quietly die there. Don’t let them!!
New behaviors require less physical and mental energy over time– they get easier as they become habits. Habits have loops that reinforce them – habit loops consist of cues and rewards. When you’re trying to build new habits you can build cues by connecting your new habit to something you already do, like exercising at the same time every day. Sometimes we have to work to figure out what the short term rewards are – the small rewards along the way (before you fit into the smaller jeans)…the carrots – read about the carrots here:
If you’re up for the commitment, the journey is always rewarding.

What’s Cooking?

There are 2 new recipes on the blog since the last newsletter (Did I mention we have a puppy?!)

Take advantage of seasonal bitter spring greens!
If you compare dandelion greens with romaine lettuce, dandelion provides 5 times the calcium, 2 times the potassium & magnesium and twice the fiber! Dandelion also provides 100% of your daily vitamin A, 10% of your daily calcium & iron and 1/3 of your daily vitamin C! Dandelion is delicious mixed into salads of romaine or other greens, sautéed with olive oil, garlic and sea salt or try my delicious Seasonal Cabbage and Dandelion Stir Fry Recipe.

Need a portable yet hearty breakfast?

Check out my Almond and Chive Topped Dairy Free Egg Muffin Recipe.

What are you waiting for to leap?

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