Love and a Crock Pot


Valentine’s Day is approaching!

This year, thanks to having a family member in a rehab facility, I’m campaigning to get people to stop focusing only on romantic love and let the holiday inspire them to think about someone they love who may be in dire need of some love!  Then act on that inspiration by expressing said love with: a hug (if geographically possible), a phone call, or a card…in short, a connection.

Walking down the hallway at rehab it’s impossible to not notice how lonely so many people are.  Many of them are elderly and most do not have adult children or grandchildren visiting frequently.  My daughter and I theorized that if every patient was hugged every day they would probably get better twice as fast (a very conservative estimate!).  So many people who live alone are deprived of loving touch which is so important to our health and well-being.  We know we need to hug our kids but when was the last time we hugged the older people in our lives?  Many people feel comfortable pitching in to clear snow off an elderly person’s driveway but hugging, errr, that’s a little personal!  Granted it can feel awkward and maybe you’re not quite sure how to go in for the hug…but you can do it – be brave, take a chance and just go for it!  To quote James Taylor…”Shower the people you love with love,” especially the older people who really need a hug!

For the perfect Valentine’s meal all you need is some love and a crock pot…Crock pots are useful for more than just saucy, beany dishes like chicken cacciatore or chili.  I’m a huge fan of chili and there will surely be a crock full of it in my house on Superbowl Sunday but the world is full of flavors!  This month’s recipe, inspired by the tastes of Africa, includes peanuts, curry and coconut milk!  So, if your taste buds are also in need of some loving, check out my Crock Pot Curried Squash and Peanut Stew Recipe.

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Happy Valentine’s Day to all and remember to share the


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