Grab ‘n’ Go food to reach new heights!

Holiday_GiraffeOne quick food tip and (sort of quick) recipe this busy month…

When you’re busy it’s great to have  grab ‘n’ go food  in the fridge.  When you have many extra events and tasks, aka “December”, batch cook food that is easily portable. Something solid and delicious that re-fuels you quickly so you’re not dependent on food from outside your home at a time when you are feeling a little more vulnerable.
Enter Turkey Patties Power Snack Recipe – yum, yum. These aren’t super quick to make, but you can make a big batch and keep them in your fridge or freezer, for a nourishing power snack, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. When your immune system is under more stress, take better care of yourself by carving out a little time to stock your fridge/freezer with “grab and go” food to carry you through the home stretch this holiday season!

Giraffe Photo Contest!

Can you guess where this “holiday” Giraffe lives?
Hint: “Joisy” people might have an easier time guessing…the first person who posts the correct answer on our Mad Nutrition Facebook Page will receive a signed copy of Balanced and Whole in the mail!

SAVE THESE DATES to Jumpstart your January!

Saturday, January 9th, join us in Morristown at Just Jersey on 163 South Street for a book signing & food and exercise demo between 2 and 4 pm. Come in to pick up your book, sample some recipes from the book, have a delicious cup of Smart World coffee and maybe buy yourself something you didn’t get for the holidays! Just Jersey offers local and artisanal goods made by New Jersey artisans and business owners. The demos will take place at the top of each hour and last about 15 minutes.

Sunday, January 10th,   join us in Montclair at Watchung Book Sellers, 54 Fairfield St., from 2 – 4 pm for a signing & food and exercise demo. There is a lovely café on site at the bookstore and you can browse for all the books (besides ours!) that you didn’t receive for the holidays : ) The demos will begin at the top of each hour and last about 15 minutes.

A new video to help you kick off your healthier New Year!

Check out our video on Jumpstarting Your Healthier New Year here:

Wishing you a beautiful, joyous and healthy holiday season!

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